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Paige’s Severe Strapping

March 6th, 2010 by Spank Master

Want to see a gorgeous girl thrashed without a care from her irate headmaster? Of course you do!!! Paige, one of my favorite models cries and snivels uncontrollably as she is lectured about her school uniform mishaps including crappy shoes and the use of tarty make up…what happens is this arrogant brat gets a darned good thrashing with a nasty leather strap! See the special preview below!

This is one of the most alluring rear ends of any girl, paige’s buttocks should get a British Heritage Grade Listing status to preserve their beauty!!! Check out MORE of Paige HERE from BRITSPANK

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Mid Week Gallery Special

March 3rd, 2010 by Spank Master

I thought I’d find something a little different today and I was rooting around the Fetish Network and came across this site PUNISHED ANGELS which I am aware of, But when I checked out the galleries which you’ll see eblow,, I was blown away as it’s a great chance to see one of my old faves, Chelsea Pfeiffer spank and punish her girls as only she can. Obviously Chelsea had sold a lot (and I mean A LOT) of her content for this network as there’s tons of her movies here as you’ll see below from the screen grabs. As they say, pictures can take the place of a 1000 words so you’ll see other starlets like Pixie thrashed over Chelsea’s knee….outstanding!!!



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Treat for OTK Lovers!

March 1st, 2010 by Spank Master

The latest movie at OTKspank.com is a joy to watch and as it hasn’t been advertised anywhere, I thought I’d let you all see this amazing film with young Office Temp Sabrina caught out by her new boss, Mr Armstrong (who some of you will recognise as the dreaded “Judge” )

DO NOT BE FOOLED BY THIS ELDERLY GENT’S APPEARANCE, HE PACKS QUITE A NASTY SLAP -  as poor Sabrina will find out when she messes up the Office Accounts that she was entrusted with. Faced with being fired (and we all need our jobs in these harsh times) or accepting his “unique” methods of correction, Sabrina submits to a rather humiliating pants down OTK. This arse was made for spanking, watch too much of it and ye will all go blind!

In effect, I have got you 12 choice images here and access to a FREE Clip! Enjoy!!!





OTKspank is STILL available as standard on one of the cheapest sign ups for any decent sized spanking network at UNDER $17 a month (and the longer term memberships work out FAR CHEAPER!!!) All films have also been fully re edited and remastered with the focus on one thing and one thing only…OTk spanking, this really is THE site for OTK lovers, and at heart, we all are, right?

Here are a few more recent galleries and Movie Clips which compliment this update today so you can all decide.


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Buxom Weekend Movie!

February 27th, 2010 by Spank Master

At the NEW site THEBAREBOTTOM – there’s a naughty buxom girlie movie which is a celebration of teen tomfoolerly and an excuse to show off some red arse and see these good looking girls give each other some feminine slappings! So have a great weekend and enjoy this BUXOM tempting gallery from the movie below!!!
Spank Master

Hey, don’t forget there are STILL a couple of offers around like the TRIAL at SPANKEDSCHOOLGIRL or SpankingOnline’s excellent 3 MONTH OFFER!

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Classroom Idiots – Spanked and Caned

February 22nd, 2010 by Spank Master

If you clicked on the above poster image you’d have seen a butt quivering caning across one of the idiots who dared to play up to the Supply Teacher before Headmaster, patrolling the corridors…heard the raucous behavior in this classroom and takes it out personally on both girls!!

It’s a great romp, and who can blame lustful “Head” for being a little excited seeing bare bottoms welted with the force of his cane?! Disgraceful!! The beauty of this is that this film is exclusively re-edited and remastered, check out the numerous screen grabs from this excellent schoolgirl chastisement film (below) that members of STRICTSPANKING are hungrily downloading for their own enjoyment as I type this…





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Spanked callgirls