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Inside a schoolgirls knickers

The very phrase SchoolGirl Knickers is enough to send a shiver of delight down the back of any self proclaimed Spanker! Especially when those knickers are in the classic purple green or navy blue style. I wonder how many ladies remember wearing such panties, and how many more recall having to take them down for a damn good thrashing! SpankingOnline.com is now showing the new movie Disobedient Behavior which deals with the harshness with which 2 prefects are dealt with by the Ice cold Miss Baker. If you enjoy watching canes bounce against tightly knicker clad bottoms, and the resulting welts as the knickers are pulled down, then this movie is for you. The schoolgirls in the movie are none other than Isis and Ashleigh Mackenzie. Enjoy Spank Master

knicker02.jpg knicker01.jpg knicker03.jpg

6 Responses to “Inside a schoolgirls knickers”

  1. klapkaj Says:

    Your shoots of schoolgirls being strapped & caned with their school knickers pulled down are wonderful. But some more variation in the colours used would be welcome. We get lots of maroon knickers and white but little navy blue or bottle green (which are the most widely worn in r/l) and rarely brown or royal blue all of which are regulation school colours. Can the wardrobe mistress please go shopping at a good school outfitters and provide us with some more variety to enjoy.
    Take a look at http://www.disciplinarian.com where different regulation knickers are well exposed but their thrashings are nowhere near as good as yours!

  2. Webmaster Says:

    Good points raised. Think its time for a shopping trip to the “schoolgirls knickers shop” lord help me!!! ;)

  3. bob Says:

    Tell her to take out all the pussy rings. She doesn’t look like a school girl. She looks like a Soho whore, but I guess that is what she is!

  4. remus Says:

    More caning over knickers please! – Isis is excellent incidently. She really made Tara’s Test one of your best productions for my money. I’d like to see a lot more of her personally.

  5. Webmaster Says:

    We do have alot more in the pipeline with Isis. And yes she is great. Perfect bottom for a severe caning :)

  6. Webmaster Says:

    As for the pussy rings nothing to be done about that. However NO she is not a soho whore. Very proffesional in fact. Please refrain from slagging the models off it will only get your ass banned!

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