Navy Blue Knickers

All naughty schoolgirls should be forced to wear traditional tight fitting knickers. Preferably navy blue or bottle green. It shows them that they have no choice in how they should dress or behave and to err from that path will mean those same knickers being pulled down and the bare bottom given a very firm spanking or dose of the slipper.

It is kinky to see naughty girls decked out in such gear especially if they it makes them feel silly as it does with the young lady below. Stills are taken from the Spankingonline Movie – The Prefect which is now out for complete download from the SOL Main site. The girl who was owner of the knickers did admit to hating wearing them. Apparently they are not so popular in her native Russia! She was a cocky thing which I do admit made it all the more nicer to see when she was finally given a spanking and then a hard slippering across her back side! More of the same I think. Enjoy Spank Master ;) p.s only thing missing from her Blue knickers are the odd stain or 2 from the white cotten that covers her privates ….!



Download “The Prefect” from


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