Paige & Her Exposed Bottom!

A bottom for the most part has to be bared during a spanking. This though does not mean that the recipient has to be stripped totally naked. In fact somtimes less is certainly more , especially if its only the bottom that is exposed … say through a pair of cut out panties or in other words “Naughty Knickers” (see below)

The above fully exposed buttocks are owned by Paige a girl who found herself in quite some bother and had to endure getting her bare nether regions spanked and then strapped. Below is a link to a gallery and movie clip down where you can get a much better look at her bottom, the awfull knickers she has to wear and take a peek at her strapping. 1 Thing I can tell you is this model was about as indignant as they could get when shooting this video which made her strapping all the more deserved. I love seeing arrogant “model types” being brought down a peg or 2 with a dose of good old fashion English Discipline! SpankMaster ;)


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