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Rosaleen Young Real Tears & Spankings

Many fans of Rosaleen Young will remember the below stills from the movie “Hot Cheeks” which you can download from SpankMyBottom.com , for those who don’t know, SpankMyBottom.com is the official Elizabeth Simpson spanking site. Elizabeth took over when Rosaleen sadly exited the spank scene around a year ago. We have however kept the complete Rosaleen Young spanking archives intact for download from Smb. If you have never seen Rosaleen Young in action getting her bottom severly whipped with the cane then your in for a real treat! Classic stuff from one of the webs best loved former stars of Spanking. Enjoy the below pics Spank Master

ros1.jpg ros2.jpg ros3.jpg

6 Responses to “Rosaleen Young Real Tears & Spankings”

  1. robert Says:

    this is one of the best movies i have ever seen even though they where just clips rosaleen can realy take a hard spanking and i just love to see real tears running down her face.

  2. Spank Master Says:

    Yes Rosaleen was an expert at this. Real tears, true remorse authentic discipline … lovely! Spank Master

  3. Janus Says:

    Why?, oh why did she quit?

  4. tom Says:

    ROSALEEN YOUNG bottom should be spank very very hadr she deserve it bad girl

  5. Spank Master Says:

    Dont know why she quit. That is a question which will go without an answer I think :( And yes Tom she always was a very bad girl in the best sense of the word … if ya know what I mean! Spank Master

  6. CanedAngel Says:

    Wel, at the moment i try to find beautyfull pics and vids of Rosaleen. Yes, im hooked on her :P I find it so sad that she left the scene, but although she stopped, i want to make sure she will not be forgotten. Trying to collect as much as possible before more dead links turning up all over the internet. If you like here to, plz visite my YouTube channel, ive just started, but hey…gotta start somewhere right? Leave a nice comment, and i hope more RY lovers will show up!!

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