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Elizabeth Simpson – Spanker & Spankee Extraordinaire!

I got some questions about how long Elizabeth has been in the business the other day and was amazed that this mainstay of UK spanking still loves to spank and be spanked on film. This true lifestyler is a credit to the online spanking community, showing her commitment after all these years. In answer to the question, she has been around online and in various older productions since the turn of the century, but only really started working exclusively with the SOL group of sites from around 2001 onwards.
Of course, she now has her own dedicated site to all things spanking/caning FF punishments both given by and received on Elizabeth’s behind at SPANKMYBOTTOM.
It’s also amazing to see how this site has grown into a massive entity all on it’s own over the last few years. Lovers of mainly FF discipline will get off on this site but there’s also much harsh domestic discipline given to Elizabeth by strict Headmasters/Uncles and her partner over the years which have produced many classics. Today, however, I want to show you 2 recent productions where Elizabeth has been the stern hand of correction. A role she loves to switch over to when presented with a fine filly to humiliate and a pair of female buttocks to redden which we’ve seen get’s her secretly excited!
To temper this, I have also shown a few galleries below which remind Elizabeth of her place and that she should bend over when told, bare buttocks flopped out for all and sundry, or forever be in the clutch of the rod of hot burning iron!

This gallery below is from the latest update – Jenny’s Departure.
click here for free gallery
Jenny thinks she can just leave Aunt Elizabeth’s place to go live with her boyfriend just like that, howver, caught in the act of leaving, pretty Jenny is given a stern lecture and a proper red bottom OTK and sent to her room. Also see the HD Movie clip (as this movie has High Definition scenes) on the Homepage HERE.

Rosenberg’s Accident. Free Gallery below
click here for free pics
Foolish Justine Rosenberg falls foul of Mistress Simpson at school when she is discovered to have made a mess in the shower room! Classic verbal humiliation from Elizabeth and a darned good spanking and slippering which really stung poor Justine’s wobbling Norwegian buttocks! You can also see a FREE Movie clip on the homepage HERE.

Just so you are reminded of that Elizabeth also takes a damned hard hiding, here are some classic shoots of her wobblesome buttocks being thrashed mercilessly! A fine Sunday morning perusal of bare thrashed flesh, I’m sure you’ll agree!

Click on the images to show some classic Elizabeth moments!

Punished by Ms Valkyrie wobblesome buttocks domestic discipline anus & vagina exposed

Remember that you also get the largest Archives at anyone place of Rosaleen Young at SpankMyBottom too!

2 Responses to “Elizabeth Simpson – Spanker & Spankee Extraordinaire!”

  1. James Slips Says:

    Elizabeth Simpsons site, pics and movies are fantastic. Love her as a spanker and spankee and great
    that she has her own site.
    How about a blog or personal area on the site from
    Elizabeth herself. That would be great.

  2. Spank Master Says:

    Hi yes I think that would be a great Idea. So much so Im going to put it to the SMB team this week! Spank Master

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