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Caning Of Kara Jayne

It sounds right that sentence “The Caning Of Kara Jayne” nice name for a naughty young lady who always seemed to end up over the headmasters desk ;) I like to see a mature women being treat like a naughty schoolgirl. All modesty gone, having to submit to the humiliating procedure of baring her buttocks and presenting herself for a strong dose of strap or cane! Oh to put this minx over my knee and give her what for! Spank Master

uxb04-02.jpg uxb04-14.jpg uxb04-18.jpg

The above stills taken from the movie The Beating Of Kara Jayne Out for full screen download from FetishFlixx.com

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3 Responses to “Caning Of Kara Jayne”

  1. Curious Says:

    “I like to see a mature women being treat like a naughty schoolgirl.”

    I always thought that was an interesting scenario as well.

    Perhaps a smart young MBA, visiting the school on career day, gets her clothes wet, and a doddering secretary suggests she change into a nice dry uniform. Caught in the hallway without a pass, she finds herself in the headmaster’s office…

    An actress in her early twenties decides to research a role by enrolling in strict girl’s school…and realizes too late how “realistic” her experience will be.

    The Vice President of the local bank discovers to her horror that her summer in Europe didn’t count towards graduation. The local headmaster, whom she recently turned down for a home loan, offers her a chance to quietly “make up” the time over the summer…in uniform!

    A snoopy reporter uses a fake ID to get the story of her life…

    Tracy’s Halloween costume was grand, until she locked her purse and car keys in the trunk…

    An undercover police officer infiltrates the school. Unfortunately, her commanding officer neglected to tell the headmaster!

    A pretty American graduate student concocts an ingenious scheme for researching the England’s educational system…

    The appeal of all of these scenarios is the same: a powerful, independant young woman, stripped of her adult clothes, her identification and rights, finds herself helplessly trapped in the role of a mischievous, naughty school girl.

    Without identification, and dressed as a uniformed school girl, she finds that she has no choice but to submit to the headmaster’s shameful and humiliation punishments.

    From the description, I wasn’t sure if your Kara Jayne movie was that sort of production, of if it was simply a case of the model looking older.

    Do you have many/any movies with those types of scenarios? Which ones? Just curious…

  2. Spank Master Says:

    Hi they are quite a few similar to that on http://www.spankingonline.com and spread over the http://www.spankpass.com network of sites. Archives and content is extensive so you will need search around. But have them they do. Spank Master

  3. Curious Says:

    Thank you for your reply!

    You sold me — I signed up for six months!

    I’m a sucker for the “sophisticated adult trapped in school uniform” scenario — as you can imagine, I love Halloween! So I’m hoping over the next few months you can work in a few more stories of policewomen undercover, of unfortunate young ladies who carelessly misplace that all important ID. :-)


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