Classic Schoolgirl Discipline

This film was a great reminder of the breadth and vast range of spanking movies available on and featured this excellent OTK spanking of Sarah Collins – given a lecture on her humiliating bed wetting habits and the timely reminder that this spanking would be the start of non stop corrective discipline if her “episodes” were to continue in Dorm. The film was called “Sleep Over” and the poor girl’s nocturnal misdemeanors were sent in a report to the school she was on exchange for the week… so if she continued to wet the bed, then this sort of punishment that you see below would only increase!{/FMP]

I managed to locate a few images taken directly from the archived movie inside the members area, this film represents an example of the sort of UK schoolgirl discipline films: harsh, humiliating and often severe at the hands of stern and experienced Masters or Head Mistresses. This is the sort of site that you get to see girls given the bare bottom discipline sadly lacking in today’s scholastic system – yes, some of us old ‘uns remember in our day, the terrifying swish of the cane or slipper as an effective behevioral modification tool!

The full film Sleepover with Sarah Collins can be viewed HERE

You might also want to check out these reminders of just how vast this site’s archives are spanning back many years with so many naughty girls bent over, bared and spanked! All images below lead to a specific free gallery.

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