An Indian Teenager spanked

Lianna was one of those breaths of fresh air when she agreed, through a mutual friend to appear on film! It may have been a few years back, but these HQ image stills and movie grabs as well as the free clip that you can view currently from is a marvellous film which is now out in superb quality playback and the full movie can be viewed by members!

Lianna came from a north western Indian provence of Gujarit to family she had in the north east of England. I’m not sure if she is still here now but she recalled in her rather appealing accent that she was regularly thrashed in the home and had come accustomed to her often unfair punishments at the hands of her uncles and close family. I can remember us all listening open mouthed as she recalled that she would also actually get a thrashing with her knickers removed for coming home late from school!

She had no problem acting out this movie where she was chastised by her English guardian as an exchange student, listening to music when she should have been studying… I have included a bumper set of original images and video grabs which members can of course view in full…




Doesn’t Lianna look lovely in her English school uniform? Seems she fits straight into the discipline regime all too easily, a very naughty young madam! Below are 6 images taken directly from the movie:



You can all of this cracking movie of Lianna HERE

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