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This recent new addition in the Dean’s Office at Real Spankings Institute might be a handy item. here at SOL Towers, I could do with one of these, maybe one day, if I could afford one, but from what I saw of these latest updates, the poor girls, 2 recent naughty stalwarts, Lila and Monica suffer the RoboSpanker, and of course get a damned good thrashing the old fashioned way with a bare OTK and hard paddling that we all love and expect at RSI!

Brief recap for those just returned from Mars – the severest spanking at Real Spankings Institute happen in the Dean’s Office, any girl unfortunate to be here knows she is going to find it difficult to sit down for several days afterwards!

For those young ladies in which the daily discipline administered by the teachers and the Dorm Mom proves to not be effective enough, a trip to the Dean’s Office is ordered.  Punishments administered in the Dean’s Office are the most severe punishment the girls are subjected to.  While he does use his hand, the cane, and the punishment strap, large wooden paddles are his most frequent implement of choice.  Nothing leaves as long lasting of an impression as a wooden paddle.  Any girl unfortunate enough to earn a trip to the Dean’s Office, quickly sees the error in her ways.

Well…..NOW we have the ROBOspanker as well :D

Lila’s trim lithe body doesn’t look capable of taking much punishment, but she sure can and from what I’ve seen (along with Monica) is proving to be the most popular girls on this site! See Lila face up to ROBOspanker below:


Lila waits while the Dean sets up the RoboSpanker. She is bent over the desk, made to remove her top, and is then paddled by the RoboSpanker while the Dean continues his work. She is then placed naked on a chair to wait for her next punishment. The Dean decides to finish her punishment with a traditional hand strapping on her bare bottom. He takes her OTK with a heavy leather strap, and finishes with her bent over the edge of the desk making her count the final strokes aloud.


Monica is caught lying by Miss Vaughn and this needlessly ended up with monica facing the RoboSpanker as well!

Miss Vaughn finds Monica wandering the hallway claiming she doesn’t have a class. Miss Vaughn presents the issue to the Dean who instructs her to give Monica an OTK spanking. The Dean also reminds Miss Vaughn that as a new teacher she needs to pay closer attention to the students, as Monica has already delivered two infractions.

In order to properly bring home the point of Monica’s second offense of lying to a faculty member, The Dean decides to use his new handy RoboSpanker to see her properly punished. He explains to Miss Vaughn how and why it works so well. Monica is properly punished and is warned what is to come if she and The Robospanker meet again.

You can enjoy these latest unique updates at REAL SPANKINGS INSTITUTE!

Have a good weekend everyone
Spank Master

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    Miss Vaghn looks like a very good spanker!

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