Erica Delemar’s Trashing

erica's trashing

This is a brand new remaster which will be appearing any moment at and what I have got for you is an amazing preview of this old movie. Now some of you will recognize Erica as “Leia-Ann Wood” and this was some of her early work from around 2002/03, now it has been fully restored, check out your chance to download this movie of her in her spanking prime!!!


Now if you haven’t already, click on any image here of Erica (or Leia-Ann if you prefer) and it will take you to a cracking gallery and wicked caning movie clip! Strictspanking have been VERY FORTUNATE to get this remaster and members of this site will be in heaven, I have seen the full remaster myself and highly recommend it!


This is a schoolgirl caning movie and features some severe caning across her bare exposed buttocks and also teh added bonus for some of us “stockings” freaks of seeing her chastised for her inappropriate wear as she is caned with her stockings on which accentuate her legs…very alluring!!! However, what I’m sure you’ll appreciate, like myself is her wobblesome buttocks jiggling under the crashing strokes of the cane!


Members of StrictSpanking will be able to view and download this movie in full

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