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A Woman Goes Over The Knee

OTK Spanking still reigns supreme for many! The humiliation that must be felt by a fully grown woman when told to bare her bottom and present herself over the knee for a sound bare bottom spanking is something special! Maybe cause its the final act of submission, presenting her bare quivering cheeks to her man (or woman for that matter) knowing that for some infraction she has to be punished. Im partial to pretty blonde haired girls, the cocky arrogant type who seem to benefit most from a dose of good old fashioned discipline. Pretty much like the poor lassie in the below gallery. Take a look and enjoy ;) Spank Master


2 Responses to “A Woman Goes Over The Knee”

  1. Alvin Says:

    I agree about OTK, however, I’d go even further. I particularly enjoy the scenario where the snooty, arrogant attractive older woman spanks a “schoolgirl” complete with pleated skirt, knee high socks and regulation underwear. During the spanking the older woman tells the younger one to stop “snivelling girl”, moaning, etc. Obviously, the older woman is immaculately made up including well varnished nails. She is wearing a a revealing designer dress and high heels. The camera “pans down” to her shoes and ankles. Her legs are encased in fine denier and we are left with the tantalising thought of “is she wearing stockings or pantyhose?”.

    Suddenly, the much older head-master makes a dramatic entrance. He demands to know what is going on. This is a school where corporal punishment is still allowed. But only by the headmaster and only if written permission has been granted by the pupil’s parents. It appears that the deputy head-mistress has exceeded her authority as no letter has been received. The head then speaks to her as though she were a pupil. She is no longer addressed as Mrs Norton, but Norton. The head informs her that she is to be dismissed for gross-misconduct. She begs him to reconsider. After careful thought and discussion with the girl, she is summoned back to his office after school. He tells her in a stern voice that instead of dismissal, she can keep her job, albeit with a warning, and that he will administer to her what she did to the younger girl. And as if to clarify the point that means a spanking over his knee. To which she shakes her pretty head from side to side and said that it was out of the question. She was the deputy head-mistress and a married woman. The camera pans down to her left hand to show her prominent wedding-ring. She tells him that she’s never been spanked in her life.

    After several minutes of toing and froing, fortunately for us the viewers, Mrs Norton is left with no alternative and lowers hersulf reluctantly across the heads lap. Her discomfort increases when he tells her that both the girl and have expressed a wish to witness the punishment. A glint appears in the eye of the head and it’s obvious he’s wanted to do this for a long time and it’s well overdue. He starts the spanking on her well presented rear. After a good five minutes during which we hear a few “oh”, “ah”, etc and we get occasional glimpses of the bored look on her face as if to say “just get it over with”. Suddenly, the younger girl calls out “But sir, she spanked me on my bare bum”. The head agrees that Mrs Norton should also receive the same. This puts a different complexion on things and she protests, “No, please stop”, as her expensive dress is slowly pulled up to reveal sheer black stockings with lacy ttps held up by a black suspender belt. Her mature, exquisite and well rounded bottom only partly covered with the flimsiest of white silk material. The spanking now continues all over her pantied covered bottom bringing forth cries of “It hurts, ow, please stop”. Ignoring her protests and increasing her humiliation, these brief panties are soon fluttering around her ankles. And the once confident Mrs Norton is reduced to a sobbing girl who has been well and truly spanked.

  2. Spank Master Says:

    Nice idea. Its always good to see a mature good looking woman being put through her paces.
    Spank Master

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