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Personally im not much into the Bondage thing, unless that is there is some spanking involved. I just spent a few hours searching through some American based websites to see what gives. For sure they are alot of crap clone sites out there that dont really come close to the authentic European spanking sites. I noticed alot with very flashy designs but soon as you get in the member areas its just a mish mash of softcore ye old spank pics and load of other main stream porn. Disapointing really :(

I did though come across a site run by the Kinky network – Whipped Ass.com. The design was pretty amateur but the content looked clean cut and authentic without getting brutal. They also seem to have alot of really great looking women with big rounded American butts. I have thrown in a few clips below. You can then I suppose make your own mind up. Quite a few of the girls get tied up either before or during a spanking which kind of put me of but apart from that its not half bad for a Sunny Tuesday morning …. Spank Master


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