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Mature Lady Punished **Free Movie Clip**

I was rooting around the movie archives of SpankingDigital.com when I found a really decent title called The Drunk Nurse. It featues 2 older ladies (not pensioners ;) but certainly not teens. Surprising how enjoyable this kind of movie is to watch. The call does for the most part seem to be for pretty freshed faced teenagers taking a hard spanking or strapping, but I know that many people also enjoy seeing a well devoloped older lady getting her just deserts! Click the link below to enjoy this free spanking clip. (Sorry there is no thumbnail with this but im writing this from the airport and not really wanting to have a pic of a bare ass on my screen ;) Spank Master


One Response to “Mature Lady Punished **Free Movie Clip**”

  1. Alvin Says:

    Couldn’t agree more. Isn’t this the “Miss Smith” that is regularly featured on Spanking Online, Spanking Digital, etc? And she is normally shown administering the punishment.

    I must admit, in my opinion, her choice of underwear does not flatter her. Thongs are the choice of young girls. I like to see an “older woman” in fuller knickers and definitely with suspenders.

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Spanked callgirls