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High Resolution Caning Movie Clip!

I’m a fan of Erica Delemar especially her earlier work. She has done some classic schoolgirl style movies in the past. The free clip below shows a hard caning delivered to Erica’s bare quivering cheeks. The guttural sounds that she makes leave the viewer in no doubt about the real pain she must have felt with every stroke of the thick heavy rattan cane.

Her cheeks exposed and wobbling as she holds in position with bottom high in the air. This is what caning in the good old days was all about. A Sharp severe correctional method. Oh and the clip is at 1500 KBS so its superb quality, try the play back at full screen its worth it! The full movie in this superb quality can be had over on SpankingMags.com

For full download visit SpankingMags.com

4 Responses to “High Resolution Caning Movie Clip!”

  1. ian Says:

    Good sshort clip and Erica is obviously enjoying it by the satisfying sounds she makes. Keep up the ggod work

  2. Spank Master Says:

    Glad you enjoyed not sure about Erica enjoying it though ;) Spank Master

  3. Ian Says:

    Did you not hear her satisfying sigh after one of the hard strokes?

  4. Spank Master Says:

    Yeah its subtle but it is there! Well spotted (or heard) Spank Master

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Spanked callgirls