Real Spankings Institute

I was checking out this site from my own archived stuff which I doubt I have ever shown you here, although most of you Stateside will be well aware of it.

It’s one of my favorite sites as it features, hmmm, schoolgirls getting their just desserts and of course I just love seeing the girls in their tight fitting uniforms and short skirts, well, I had a delve back into my archive and found this great set from a hard paddling movie of Brandi (below) what did it for me was her tight fitting white panties, just check out the punishment and the free images complimenting this movie.

Brandi is punished because of the disgusting state of her dorm room! The paddling she got really marked her perky teen behind! Check out the free images below




Check out their special offers and very reasonable pricing for one of the best schoolgirl spanking sites on American soil!


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