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The story of this hilarious film, shot entirely on location in a mangey horrible caravan by one of our guys steady(ish) hands is a treat for lovers of that South American temptress, Angelina. We’ve been getting a few mails about her and I rate this as a future classic film, not only for its humor, but because it’s a great story of 2 parts, so far we’ve only been on at the 1st lingering part, the introduction for Angelina’s “NEW LIFE” in England, a bloody caravan anda  pervy penniless spanko, she thought she was going to stay in a massive great house and be a “Lady”…oh dear oh dear oh dear! How ever did she fall for that one with the online dating sites, eh?
Well, I do know that a colleague of mine, Headmaster, has written up some excellent reports of this movie earlier this mont when it 1st appeared, but we both want to leave the 2nd part for you lucky folk when it appears later this week as it’s a real treat, basically, does Angelina “adapt to her new life or not!!?”

Firstly, if you haven’t already, check out the earlier reviews with free clips pics and more from my generous bud, Headmaster
Caravan of Love review #1

Caravan of Love review #2 
(2nd review at the bottom of Headmaster’s post)

OK, now you’re up to speed – I too have got you a clip with a difference, check out all the spanking tools and paraphernalia cluttering this seedy guy’s dirty caravan! The man is a nutter!!!! You can see Angelina doesn’t know what to make of this after her 1st spanking in the “Caravan of Love”!!
This clip contains sexy scenes of her rubbing her sore bottom!

View some screen grabs of this film below:
This is coming up later this week as Angelina stays on in the caravan!
Loving the work on that girl, such a fine set of bouncy cheeks too!

Spank Master

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