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New Downloads n’ stuff

September 4th, 2010 by Spank Master

I know us Brits enjoyed our August Bank Holiday last weekend, with fine weather for once, and so I extend my greetings to my chums in North America as it’s Labor Weekend (I don’t understand what it’s about, sounds like an excuse to loaf about – but you just have a nice long weekend holiday) so hope you are enjoying the holidays wherever you may be…

There is a new movie update out at the excellent PPV site SpankingLibrary – this site has become really popular with those wanting decent hand picked spanking movies, you know, you pick and choose the film you want, no memberships, just download the movie and keep it, that’s it – and with only Hi-Quality playback material I can understand why it’s become so popular in these hard pressed economic times. Well, thanks to those who make requests, the webmaster listened to those Jasmine Lau fans and the very latest film is a real cutie of her in her school uniform, chastised at home for not doing her homework.

Click image to view this latest Free movie preview!

Jasmine hates her homework, she’d rather be outside playing or loafing about texting and messaging friends but He is having none of it and as you’ll see after a nasty spanking across her pert teen cheeks, she’s forced to do some work then caned afterwards, you’ll get to see her thrashed in clear deatil, thsi movie is perfect for those like me who love seeing girls thrashed half naked in their school uniforms! Check out some images taken from the movie below:





You can never go wrong with Jasmine, truly a stunning girl who can take quite a punishment! There are also more of her films at SpankingLibrary.com and there are tons of free previews for all the films HERE

Another classic Brit beauty is in a film never before shown to members anywhere in this remastered edit, yes it’s rosaleen Young and in one of her most severe classics with Elizabeth simpson, I’ll let you check out the gallery & free preview below!


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NEW Spanking Digital Galleries

July 22nd, 2009 by Spank Master

Following on from the news announcement yesterday that there is a new low pricing structure at SpankingDigital – I have also discovered that the cross sale promotion (if you sign up via CCbill) leads to a special low monthly membership to FetishFlixx, this site is currently not on any special offer so if you’re into movies, you’ll get this fantastic bonus of a chance to sign up to FetishFlixx for a third of it’s usual monthly price! I won’t say how much exactly, you can find that out for yourself via the SpankingDigital website!

As I said, check out the latest promotional galleries that I’ve found, including the latest which is promoting the 2 last films and I’ve included some fantatic galleries from the SpankingDigital archives like the Catholic Discipline series and Cheats films, where schoolgirls get a real hard thrashing!!!


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Spanking & Very Naughty DIVINE Updates

July 7th, 2009 by Spank Master

I have been having another sneak peek at DIVINECATS again to see what they’ve been up to since my last update and they have been busy! Updating everyday this month so far and promising to do so as a summer special everyday! Good luck to em, I say!

However, that leaves us with some incredible new stuff, some fuckin amazing remasters (which I will show you a clip of below) and some new, yes brand new hidden stuff I’d never viewed before and am grateful to the DIVINE crew for unearthing!

So where to start?
Feya – she is being updated currently, and she was involved with spanking model Victoria in one of the rudest and filthiest lesbian scenes I’d ever witnessed, and this remaster even had me choking on my Tamiflu tablets as this has really been remastered to a crystal clear resolution, now see the very naughty lezzer scenes below, lovers of spanking model Victoria being VERY RUDE will be blown away!
SpankMaster Advisory: If you wanna see Victoria sucked off by Feya, download at will. Please right click this 20 second clip first as it is 16mb in size



Divinecats has some great updates and unseen images – take a look at my quick selection I pulled from the members area earlier.

Miss McGuire gets to grips with the girls in the Bottom Set as they continue to disappoint, and just look at their shoddy attire! Over her knee they go…one by one


Finally I found these wonderful images of Kara Jane looking very uncomfortable in a set which was taken , by my reckoning at least 7 years ago! Click on thumbs below to see these more clearly!


OK, I couldn’t go before letting you all in on this wonderful girl girl spanking clip from a never before released movie starring naughty Feya (who I featured at the top of this post) and her willing submissive, little Melanie, who is spanked on her bare bottom and fondled n’ groped at the same time so this poor thing doesn’t know if she’s coming or going with the pain and the pleasure – check out her red buttocks, Melanie’s getting a good hard spanking as we check her out in this clip!!


Ok, you get the idea of what this site is about, please do take time to check out their TOUR PAGES HERE as there are the news updates showing the latest additions in case I’ve missed something!


Enjoy (I did)…SpankMaster

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Elizabeth’s love of the chubby bottom

April 22nd, 2009 by Spank Master

Had to share this little info with you. Elizabeth Simpson popped by earlier today at SOL Towers HQ (she had to finish off a shoot, anyway, I digress) – we were discussing some of her recent movies that she had Dommed in and she admitted to me that she enjoyed the feel and touch of Hannah’s chubby teen bottom. We’ve been blessed recently with girls like Hannah and also dark haired Cathy, whose bottoms are just hypnotic when touched by hand, slipper rod, whatever, when they are under duress of hard punishment!

Take a look at the movie below that got our Liz dripping with excitement, I can tell you, those women sometimes are a disgrace!

Free Movie Clip and Gallery in images below!

I tell you watching them in action gets me going as well! Now as I mentioned Cathy, check out her latest wonderful movie Exclusive to Strict Spanking
It’s her getting a slippering, &

check out that arse! OMG!!!

Yes, I gave you all a Freebie Gall yesterday and I got a few mails asking for a clip, OK, HERE YOU GO!!!

Not much dialogue, which is fine, just down to action and just the submissive compliance of Cathy, her bared bruised cheeks on display, slippered for our watching pleasure!



Let me know what you guys think, this girl is a wonderful find!!
Spank Master

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A Nervous Wait For Hannah

April 19th, 2009 by Spank Master

SpankedSchoolGirl.com have just released a new movie called “Nervous Wait” the poor school girl in question is none other than flavour of the month, Hannah Crawford. Nothing can be better than seeing a naughty girl still in school outfit having to wait with nerves stretched to break point for a hard thrashing.

 Even better if she leaks a bit of pee while stood foolishly trying to remain composed!! Below is a rather neat free preview with photos and 2 Free clips from this movie. Oh and the strapping she takes is damn bloody good! SpankMaster

Click Below To Visit Free Strapping Photo & Vid Clips >

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