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Sasha Harvey thrashed… Hard!

January 12th, 2011 by Spank Master

Can’t believe I almost missed this little beauty of a film, I only just saw that it was advertised as the latest remastered movie at OTKspank.com – I also found that rather odd at first, too, as my memories of Sasha in this film were her stood upright getting the strapping of her life completely starkers! But… I forgot she was also spanked and strapped across her fierce spanker’s knee as well! Thanks to these images taken from the movie I have mainly focussed on Sasha’s brilliant reactions throughout her ordeal and of course included some images from later in the film where she was indeed stood upright getting one of the severest leatherings I had ever witnessed in person (I was on CAM 1 checking out her facial reactions which I why I’m focussing on that today!)





I also found a special OTK long play clip which you can view immediately below!

This clip shown courtesy of Teen Spankings Tube

& if you still want to see MORE of Sasha then check out the HOME PAGE of OTK Spank which has a free Wmv clip (it’s different to the one above) Don’t forget to check out the other freebie stuff there which has some very sexy, erotic and good old fashioned hard OTK spankings for your fine perusal!

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NEW Movie Updates

January 6th, 2011 by Spank Master

I have a couple for you today, there is a brand new unseen new Domestic Discipline movie at SpankingDigital.com out today starring Kayla with a pair of very spankable cheeks in this interesting OTK spanking film between a spanko Hubby and his young foreign wife. You know the type, one of those “internet brides” you hear so much of that chaps who are unwilling or unable to go find a member of the opposite sex for companionship – so they go get them from an agency from some rural backwater of the Ukraine or Southern Russia… anyway, I bet she didn’t expect to be thrashed on her bare bottom so much, eh?



Check the other domestic discipline & spanking updates from this site HERE


I have just noticed that there is a brilliant schoolgirl humiliation special which was also released earlier today at SpankingLibrary.com for those that just want to pick and choose the odd film with the hairbrushfrom time to time. It stars Joanna in her Dunce’s hat and not much else getting a verbal lashing off a very cruel Miss hastings before she is given a damned hard thrashing with a heavy hairbrush and a severe caning that brings tears to Joanna’s eyes! not only that, with this Hi Res movie there is something like 200 bonus images from the film as well to download and keep, not bad at all!

Check out some images I have got from the site and a link to the actual Preview page that has a short severe discipline movie clip!






the complete list of 70+ one off payment movie package available below

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New Film & a Beautiful Spankee

January 3rd, 2011 by Spank Master

Well, 2011 is well and truly here now… no more excuses to be lying in bed with a hangover, in fact most people in the UK will be hard at work tomorrow morning seeing as we had our 1st bank Holiday of the year today… which was nice!

One thing that hasn’t changed from Firm Hand Spanking though is their relentless assault on our senses with some of the most beautiful girls on the planet getting a sound thrashing and I was so glad that Michaela McGowen is back! This time over (lucky) John Ryan’s knee. I easily rate her as THE most spankable munchkin around! I seriously would NOT be thinking of spanking her if she was spreadeagled across me with her legs parted saying “Fill me up, big boy!”

OMG! She would SO get it… x 1000!
See some images from her latest punishment below.




Michaela McGowen’s perfect bubble butt gets a sound spanking over the knee of college counsellor John Ryan. “I’ve never heard of this happening before,” she argues as she’s told to lie over his lap. First over a skirt, then ruffled panties and finally, deliciously, bouncingly bare… what a way to welcome 2011! “That was a tough spanking,” she whined in that sexy cute accent of hers.

“…and I need to go change my pants”, I exclaimed breathlessly!
See ALL of Michaela & friends in the very latest HOT updates HERE

 If you want to see MORE of beautiful Michaela McGowen from her “Legal Penalties” series, please check out these 3 great free video links I have found of her taken from films late last year which just highlights what a paddling she can take, and listen to her cute accent as she attempts to answer back on occassion! OMG I’m falling in love :)  



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Happy Holidays!

December 27th, 2010 by Spank Master

Hi everyone, I certainly hope you are all having a fine time wherever you may be during this festive period! Here at SOL Towers it’s still holiday season so I thought I’d remind you of a recent movie featuring 3 hot bickering girls, knickers down punishments and the cane. I felt inspired with that title after just watching an old surreal film this morning that my other half got for me on a Blu ray disc this Xmas ” The Cook, The Thief, His Wife & Her Lover”.

I had this large movie poster on my bedroom wall when I used to live in France!

An early performance from Peter Greenaway’s film of Tim Roth is overshadowed by 2 massive performances from Helen Mirren, still today a spankable “Milf” – & Michael Gambon (both who are now a dame and Knight in the UK for their acting services). Gambon plays the ”gangster style” oaf so frighteningly! (His performance in the UK on Xmas Day in the Dr Who special just shows what a classic actor he really is… anyway, must keep on subject here). Loved the film, hadn’t seen it for years, I forgot about the fact the characters costumes changed color from room to room as they moved between scenes… and of course it covers a bizarre revenge punishment at the end where the wife (Helen Mirren) has her murdered lover served up by the cook to her oafish thug of a husband under gunpoint. The violence, death by forced feeding, sex in meat lockers and cannibalism can be a little bit much for some, but when you hear Dame Helen Mirren utter the immortal words ”Try the cock… it’s a delicacy.” You just have to watch it :D


Ok, & so to “3 Girls, Knickers Down Punishments & The Cane!” (well my version of it, anyway) which can be found in a glorious remastered format I have never seen before at SpankingDigital.com – the specialist spanking movie site.

Being in a drunken state with 2 friends in your boyfriend’s house isn’t advisable especially when your boyfriend does not drink & has forbidden you to get drunk! Even if it is the season to be merry!!! So when he walked in catching both his girlfriend and 2 of her friends lounging around getting plastered he was far from happy! Being a strict disciplinarian he took this as an opportunity to line up all 3 girls in turn, bare their bottoms then give them a dose of good old fashioned discipline with his hand and a thick rattan cane that was normally only reserved for his girlfriend’s plump bare bottom when she stepped out of line!




Check out this latest movie updates HERE

This domestic discipline movie features no less than 3 stunning naked girls who are spanked and caned in turn including his girlfriend who took the hardest caning across her bare backside at the end!!! Enjoy, members can now download this full movie! Enjoy the holidays :)

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My Spanking Room Mate – the early episodes!

December 18th, 2010 by Spank Master

Anyone who knows anything about this site will know it’s billed as a spanking soap opera, which first featured regular girls Madison Martin and Kay Richards, these girls become “Roomies” and are like chalk and cheese but they both know how to spank and chastise each other and also you’ll see their lives are ruled by spanking and the many punishments they get as a veritable cast of spanking stars make guest appearances, some more than others and dish out the punishment to the girls as well as the girls sometimes getting their own back! I’ve counted over 40 odd different cast members by now and some of them are the HOTTEST spanking stars around so this is no lame duck site at all!

This is a great site, all the films are in HD quality and the story continues with each episode as these girls give and take what comes to them…this is a spanking fest review of the first 20 odd episodes, which are only about a quarter of this site’s storylines… I shall, ay a future date soon review the next quarter and so on… but of course if you check out the site HERE you can check out all the latest episodes and you’ll see the girls are also now joined by gorgeous Chloe Elise as well!!! All images below lead to a free gallery, from the top and going from left to right it starts at episode 1 and so on…







Below is the most recent movie, and it’s a festive treat for this time of the year! Chloe Elise is back, spanking Madison Martin’s curvy bottom in a skin tight elf costume. Her red rear end looks as if it is about to burst out of the skirt if she takes one more lick as she wiggles and does her very cute Madison Martin “grunt” over Chloe’s creamy knee. A naughty costumed spanking of one of the best bottoms in the business, squeezed into a slutty little holiday get up. In this episode of the spanking soap opera, Madison is being punished for not doing her part of the Xmas decorations. Bad, bad girl, Miss Madison Martin (see the free gallery below!)

Remember that My Spanking Room Mate is one important part of the

- Clare Fonda Pass network -

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