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Introducing Bow and Alex

June 1st, 2013 by Spank Master

Hello all. We have been taking some time off for awhile concentrating on the family. We feel refreshed and ready to bring you the best in spanking videos. We reached out a few months ago looking for some truly amateur spanking content we happened to find Bow and Alex. They are a normal spanking couple that love spanking and are in a committed DD relationship. We will be updating the SpankingOnline.com and many other websites with exclusive amateur content featuring Bow and Alex. Below is a great example on how realistic and hard their spankings can below. Cheers, Missy.

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Strictly English Online

April 26th, 2012 by Spank Master

>StrictlyEnglishOnline.com - UK's Best Downloadable Spanking DVD's

There is a new spanking membership website that has launched, it is called StrictlyEnlishOnline.com. If you love huge updates and spanking dvd’s this website is for you. SEO updates 6 times a week with a complete full DVD. Again that means you get a full approx 60+ minute DVD to download each week. It is a good mix of older spanking DVD’s mixed with great new spanking DVD’s. You can visit the site by clicking here and below are some great previews on SpankingTube.com.


Rosaleen’s Diary: The Awakening of Innocence Trailer

Heads or tails Trailer

Desire, Deception and Discipline Trailer

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New Updates and New Models

February 29th, 2012 by Spank Master

We are hard at work trying to find young hot girls to be spanked for your viewing please and also our spanking pleasure :) Along with new updates at Spanking Online and Spanking Digital I would like to introduce 2 new models to the spanking family, Honey and Sally. We have included some photos below so you can judge for yourself. Also a long preview is available at Spanking Tube which we also embeded below. So enjoy.

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Real Brats Given a Hard Time

January 31st, 2011 by Spank Master

I have a couple of updates for you which really show off 2 disgraceful brats getting a proper hiding as they don’t learn and mouth off! The first is Monica Bouget, one of the new set of girls to appear recently at Firmhandspanking.com and this is just “asking for it” – she is at Mr Reed’s Reform School, sent there by her fed up parents and when she was told to get into her uniform, she got into this disgraceful slutty “uniform” below. More likened for use as a street walker, you can see why Mr Reed was annoyed that she showed zero respect!

Monica Bouquet Uniform Spanking - Firm Hand Spanking
Monica Bouget – in her “uniform”

This girl soon learned some manners, especially when her potty mouth got her into further trouble as she lay over Mr Reed’s lap, he gave her a “wedgie” as he spanked her bare bottom harder and harder until it turned red and shamed then she was told to go get into her proper school uniform… I await the next installment eagerly, as you just know she is going to get herself into trouble again!

Monica Bouquet Uniform Spanking - Firm Hand Spanking Monica Bouquet Uniform Spanking - Firm Hand Spanking

Monica Bouquet Uniform Spanking - Firm Hand Spanking Monica Bouquet Uniform Spanking - Firm Hand Spanking

The very latest movie updates of these sassy brats VIEW HERE

Firm Hand Spanking


Here’s a double treat from new site AAAspanking.com as the ferocious Miss Bradley gives Hodges & Winter something to think about for being so “smart” as to desecrate the school detention blackboard with obscenities about her and other staff members (it would be unfair to mention the filth that they wrote here) – this was on top of their detention already set for stealing… as you’ll discover below.

Caught Scrumping Schoolgirl Punishment
Miss Bradley admiring her handiwork during this detention

Schoolgirl Spanking - AAA Spanking Schoolgirl Spanking - AAA Spanking

Schoolgirl Spanking - AAA Spanking Schoolgirl Spanking - AAA Spanking

Hodges & Winter are waiting for Miss Bradley in the old dis-used teaching section of the school. This is the place she likes to punish her girls as it is near the main hallway where all the pupils can see what happens afterwards to the naughty ones when she has finished with them! Both girls show absolutely no repect and find some chalk on the old blackboard and write obscenities about Miss Bradley and one of her male colleagues! Miss Bradley catches them in the act which makes things worse as the girls are to be disciplined for “Scrumping” (which is stealing the last of the apples) from the school orchard & there’s no Apple Crumble for lunch the following day! These slackers are given a good verbal lashing before their knickers are removed for a spanking next to each other as only Miss Bradley knows how!

3 Tour pages of the new HD spanking movies – More Info HERE

AAA Spanking Membership Site

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Welcome 2011!

December 31st, 2010 by Spank Master

The countdown is on here as Australia & New Zealanders are already celebrating their new year, I thought I’d celebrate the start of 2011 with a “best of” each month as I recall some of my favorite posts over the last 12 months (1 post a month, hope you like this!)

R.I.P. Cadbury – the great British chocolatier, about to be bought out by cheesy Kraft. messing with our famous British chocolate, it’s sacrilege, however, as I lament what the hell will happen to our chocolate, it got me thinking about some of the old TV ads from years ago, in particular the Cadbury Flake ads which had a babe provocatively eat the crumbly choc flake with her plumped up glossy lips like she was gobbling some lucky fella’s manhood! Anyway, in my innocent youth, the first ad below was the one I remember from the 1970′s and the second was a steamy one from the 1980′s when they really sexed it up, we’d never have that nowadays for fear of getting even more chicks fat on chocolate…it’s the same theme, shove a phallic crumbly chocolate bar in your mouth, love! That’s it….CUT!

OK, who would I want to see play with a chocolate Flake bar? It would have to be pouty spanking beauty, Jodie. Maybe she should try to eat one crumbly bar while we cane her bare buttocks! I’ll be at the next shoot which is this coming Tuesday and so will Jodie, so, if your reading this, Jodie…bring some Flake bars and we’ll have a go…LOL!

In the meantime, you’ll see why I chose her, these fine examples are taken from HDspank – Jodie is best viewed facially or on the rear in the best possible format, don’t you agree?

…and there is a special Blog HD Movie Clip for you guys of one of Jodie’s very first spankings, as she was unleashed to the online world of spankings, little did anyone know at SOL Towers what a gorgeous phenomenon she’d become!

You can see many more select movies with Jodie in glorious High Definition at HDspank

I was rooting around various spanking sites, as you do when hunting for something unnusual and came across this old photoset! Boy did this make me laugh, I vaguely remember this from years ago as natasha, a Russian girlie was subjected to a humiliating oputdoor exercise regime and punishment in the buff on a very cold winter’s day! Her jiggling buttocks are too dangerous to show in full motiuon here, but members of SPANKINGDIGITAL can view this movie – the HQ images here are actually taken from SPANKINGONLINE

Want my advice, grab the SPANKPASS as it covers these sites in its 4 sites and is of course discounted so makes more sense! Enjoy the images below!



To give you an idea of the type of mesmerising motion of her cheeks and breasts whilst being spanked and forced to work out in the freezing cold that Natasha endures is best shown by one Homer Simpson. Watch as he provides you with a clue (I loved this episode – his heart attack epi all the way back from season 4) – Anyway, you’ll get the idea!!!

Click on Homer’s belly for the revealing jiggling motion

For your reference: Original movie courtesy of SPANKINGDIGITAL

If seeing girls with wobblesome buttocks thrashed mercilessly is your thing, then this movie is just one of over 300 at the above website!


A Classic from CanedSchoolgirls with that infamous release of a very special REMASTER of a long forgotten classic (which had me salivating again when I watched it again last night)  There’s a free promo clip which you’ll see below and the extra FREE gallery now released and believe me, this was the moment Rosaleen Young totally lost it! I was ill that day they filmed this so missed the shoot some 4+ years ago but being told about it afterwards, it’s all come back as if it had happened yesterday, Rosaleen really went nuts! But although seriously pissed off, she remained professional enough to finish the day with a seriously bruised and welted thigh as well as a very sore bottom!

CLICK image below for FREE gallery

Below is the scene that had Rosaleen lose it big time!

Click on image below to view the FREE Clip
WARNING: VERY SEVERE & potty mouth tantrums from Rosaleen!

I HIGHLY recommend you get a chance to view this remastered movie

A fantastic introduction and trial offer is now a feature of SPANKING-EXPERIENCE and it’s a site worth checking out! CHECK OUT THE SITE HERE, Giving you the option to pay just $12.95 for 2 weeks with full access to the members area. If you click on the image below it leads to a special free TGP gallery of content showing you the type of spanking and various punishments of girls in Eastern Europe, something a little different but equally addictive!

SpankingExperiece (below) is also part of a NEW 3 site Spanking Pass which is advertised on the home page  which has a reduced monthly fee for subscribing to all 3 of these unique  sites (including Casting and Family)


Amelia Jane Rutherford features heavily at the wonderful Spanked in Uniform site from Holland! I believe all this content was filmed BEFORE the volcanic ash cloud nonsense so the girls including AJR could return swiftly to England with sore throbbing bottoms instead of slumming it back by bus and car ferry!!! Check out gorgeous AJR as a naughty schoolgirl (not good for those with high blood pressure, I know!) in this latest installment from the St Catherine’s School (Uniform section)

This is the story explained in more detail:
After the St Catherines Netball team was victorious against a rival school, the headmaster congratulated one of the team’s top scorers, Amelia. However, he noticed that she was wearing lipstick which was strictly against the school rules. As soon as they were back at St Catherines, Amelia found herself in the punishment room, over headmaster’s knee getting a hard spanking and slippering! During recess Amelia decided to put her lipstick back on and was caught. This time the dreaded 2 tailed Lochgelly Tawse was used on her bottom and she was sent back to class with a very sore red striped bottom!!!





Check out ALL of Amelia HERE at Spanked-in-Uniform

Below are a few more samples you’ll find of Amelia in (or should that be out of) her French maid’s uniform (my fave) or perhaps you prefer to see her wearing the infamous pink Air Stewardess or Nurse’s uniforms getting some quite severe spankings and even a nasty birching!


This isn’t something you see everyday, is it? Now I have a thing seeing Clare getting spanked anyway, it’s probably seeing the role reversal as we all get used to seeing Miss Fonda discipline her girls…well this is a little different as brothel owner “Momma Clare” faces up to one of her partners that got busted, and let me tell you…Paige here is really pissed off. Want to see more? Check out the bitch slapping scene and a few choice images I have collected: I have mainly protected Clare’s modesty, but members at Spankedcallgirls will be able to view this full unfolding movie and see much more right now!

So why did Paige strike out like this? As I said, she’s thoroughly pissed off that while working for Clare she was busted. She has a score to settle with her ex partner. Paige is a stern beauty when crossed. So it didn’t matter how wiggly or sorry Clare was and she was not shy to smack Clare in the kisser which helped create a new dynamic. Unfortunately, as Clare mentions on her site; they didn’t have their regular camerman but the movie still has its moments and of course seeing Clare disciplined at all nowadays is a fantastic bonus!!!




You can see more of this and countless full length movies in this wonderful seedy world of disciplining sluts in this business HERE or view this site via Clare’s very popular multi site Spank Pass


Now for a new site, it’s fast attracting a lot of members and I can see why, she’s stunning, I have always loved the way she cries out loud when she’s being punished, this naughty brat with a beautiful jiggling bottom is to die for! I’ve included a few images from some of her most recent movies below and have a free clip from a  movie I loved watching which has her bratting for being a provocative bitch and is mercilessly spanked!!!



Yes Sarah loves to spank as well as be the submissive brat we all know and love…I hope you enjoy this sneak preview clip below from a full movie (these movies are in quicktime .mov format so are easily playable on VLAN). Teacher Sarah is punished by one of her pupil’s angry mothers for being too provocative, dressing far too sexily in her opinion, for her boy at school…whether it’s true of not, I’m sure we all remember teachers we’d have loved to have “boned”, mine was Mrs Pierpoint, my French teacher, along with half the class who lusted after her, and would do anything to be in line of her short skirt to catch the odd glimpse of her underwear…ahh happy memories!

Click image below for sarah’s OTK spanking

View Sarah Gregory’s full site tour pages HERE for the latest updates

Here’s a gorgeous girl getting a spanking with a difference and this movie is available to view in full only from the SpankedSchoolgirl.com archives! It’s a strange old film, one I hadn’t seen in an age and I was trying to look up some more info on this very cute model, all I can remember about her was that she hailed from Poland, was called Petra - and was into being a glamour model - although she hadn’t much experience as a spanking starlet, she admitted that she had been spanked when growing up in poverty on the outskirts of Warsaw so she was quite game and took a much harder spanking than anyone had expected and this film is very watchable for many reasons! First of all, check out some of the screen grabs from this movie below and drink in the sight of busty Petra, who was apparently even lovelier in the flesh!




The reason this movie is interesting is because it’s more of a spank casting but I fear that the Director needed to be careful he didn’t bust a gut, by the sounds of him he was aching to join in rather than let Kara Jane calmly carry out Petra’s spanking…this is where the film gets it’s title, it was a hot day, Petra was feeling the heat and the glowing warmth from the spanking so her cheeks were cooled down with cold water poured by Mr Exciteable…luckily we don’t get to see his “excitement” poking out from his trouser region, I’d warn you about that, but it’s fully understandble and of course what Petra didn’t realise was that a wet bottom spanking would sting more as well! Bless her and her marvellous toned red cheeks and huge breasts! Check out the Free Movie clip below:

You can see this full film from the Spankedschoolgirl Archives

This is one of those girls you’d just love to have over your knee, I’d be hoping to hope that she was naughty and finding any excuse to remove her regulation knickers and have her over my knee, I can tell you! It appears that this is the case in this household too, hardly surprising, is it? She is gorgeous, and those doe like eyes can’t protect her from a bare bottom thrashing, which looks like being a regular occurance in her house! Beauty does have it’s flaw after all, attracting unwanted attention to her nether regions! See the FREE clip advertised below on this latest update out now fror members of Spankingmags.com

See the free clip of schoolgirl Justine’s spanking punishment

I have some reduced size video image grabs which give you a clear indication of this girl’s stunning beauty and her impending punishment on her bed! All this before school even starts! Aren’t you envious of the lucky guy able to give Justine her “just” desserts on almost a daily basis??




The FULL spanking movie can be downloaded HERE


This is a wonderful caning movie which has a fantastic FREE preview that I encourage you to check out HERE - there is nothing much to say apart from the fact that you would NOT dare answer back in a situation like this where your bared bottom, already sore and welted would be taking further punishment, but this foolish girl does exactly that! Such insolence deserves a severe thrashing and that’s EXACTLY what we get to see! Sit back and enjoy these special freeshow images that also shows you just what happens throughout this movie! Yes, that damned rod DOES hurt across her cheeks, I’m wincing at the sight of it!


This movie is to the point, no lengthy dialog, there is no need for a storyline, she’s there for her punishment and she is quickly bent over and caned HARD – despite her protests, she takes the caning far more than many girls I know which makes this a MUST SEE movie if you are a lover of seeing real hard punishments dished out to young madams! I rather like that skirt and her CFM (come fuck me) boots too! A very satisfying new movie update which compliments some damned fine caning movies at CANEDSCHOOLGIRLS.com


THE full movie can be viewed & downloaded here

I have a little treat for you as we start another week here in the chilly UK, as winter starts to get a grip, we need all the heart warming spankings we can grab hold of to keep us going and if you take a look at this amazing teenage brat, called Lorraine, a most wrigglesome thing that surely has David at his cool best as she brats over his lap, unfazed and looking professional… unless, as I have often suspected, he is wearing some form of protective steel undergarments that allows him to continue in his most professional manner! Thereby allowing us to see Lorraine’s gorgeous ass get redder and redder for longer and longer, take a look at the streamed clip below which gives you an idea of the type of spanking this young madam gets and that’s just the start… and the bonus is that a fearful Juliet Valentina is next! Oh my!!!

Lorraine continues to answer back with smart comments and I can tell you in the rest of this long play movie she just makes things worse and her bottom gets very red as you’ll see from the thumbs below (I daren’t show Juliet’s reddened cheeks for fear of melting my laptop’s processor, as this movie is *that hot!*





There is nothing more to say except see the latest movie updates - they feature both girls as well as very popular regulars like Amber Pixie Wells (if that doesn’t tempt you!)

If you haven’t noticed the very latest film then I shall help explain and give you a sneak preview of Carla’s latest embarrassing punishment across her quivering teenage globes!

Now some of our American gentlemen may not understand the Brits fascination with the slipper as a method of correction, but it’s a damn effective tool and one which English girls fear behind getting a caning (for which we are fond of!) See Carla get her latest slippering below:




Carla waited nervously in her room as she knew she was going to be punished very severely! She bitterly regretted stealing but it was too late for saying “sorry” as she was soon bent over, knickers down, getting her already thrashed bottom whacked withthe slipper, this is one very naughty teenager who won’t be able to sit down for a week if she doesn’t learn from these severe thrashings! I think after this embarrassing slippering, where she could feel her privates were fully exposed and being peered at, she might just actually learn to behave this time!


Only available from the members area of SpankingOnline.com


& with that, I hope you all have a fantastic NEW YEAR!

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